Fees and Charges

Hi Everyone,

There was a bit of confusion at the pool last night in regards to pool fees. Entry into the pool must be paid each week. PLEASE NOTE: Pool fees are not included in the registration fees.

We apologize for not including this on the flyer, it was simply overlooked and we’re sorry for any inconvenience caused.

Pool fees are:

Swimmer: $4.00

Spectator: $1.50

We have added below what the registration fees make up and where they go:

REGISTRATION FEES 2017/18 season

Active Swimmers- $80 (+$2 credit card fee)
This is made up of: $67 to SNSW Ltd and SAL Ltd
$5 to Swimming North Coast Inc
$8 to Laurieton Swimming Club Inc

Optus Junior Dolphins- (7yrs and under) Free, must be signed up with non-swimming parent- $25

Non (Active) Swimmers- $25 (+$2 credit card fee)
$20.50 to SNSW Ltd
$2 to Swimming North Coast Inc
$2.50 to Laurieton Swim

Swimmers who are Under 18 must have a non-swimming parent/guardian signed up with the swimmer which is $25.

Returning Members fees to be paid online through MyLANE.

New Members can register online through the “Join Now” button on Swimming NSW website.

Alternatively, ALL MEMBERS can pay directly to Laurieton Swimming Club by paying by cheque or cash at the pool on Monday Night to our Registrar. This will incur the $2 credit card fee if the Swimming Club credit card is used.